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Enphase Microinverters are designed for residential and commercial grid-tied solar applications.

Each microinverter attaches to the racking beneath the solar module and performs DC to AC power conversion on a per-module basis.

Microinverters are connected together in parallel AC branch circuits, and send performance information over the electrical wiring using powerline communications.
Enphase M250 Microinverter: This new generation microinverter is optimized for high-power modules, makes installation even faster, and further reduces materials costs.
• High power: Up to 250W peak power, pairs with 60-cell modules up to 300W STC
• High efficiency: Industry-leading 96.5% CEC efficiency
• High reliability: Endured over one million hours of reliability testing
• Easy to install: Integrated ground eliminates the need for GEC

Based on Enphase’s third generation technology, the M215 incorporates the latest innovations in power electronics and custom microchips to deliver:

¦Higher efficiency
¦More power
¦Improved installation


The D380 “TwinPack” Microinverter is comprised of two 190W microinverters in a single enclosure.

The D380 uses an external cable that reduces balance-of-system costs and installation time.

¦Compatible with 60- and 72-cell modules
¦Supports 240V single-phase and 208V three-phase applications
¦CEC efficiency of 95%
¦15 year warranty

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