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Low Slope Mounts

Quick Mount's Low Slope Mount takes the traditional base-and-post PV mount to its ultimate level. It's the strongest you can buy for mechanically attaching commercial PV systems to TPO, PVC, EPDM, built-up asphalt, and virtually all other non-metal low slope roofs.

How to Flash
Properly flashing penetrations in PVC, TPO and other membrane-type roofing requires the use of manufacturer-specific materials to ensure the flashing bonds chemically with the field membrane (ask your roofing supplier). For built up asphalt roofs (BUR) and other bituminous and modified bitumen roofs, Quick Mount includes aluminum cone flashings in its Low Slope Mount kits, one each fitted for use with the QBase and 6½" posts (17" x 17" x 4") and 8½" posts (17" x 17" x 8").

Code compliant for all non-metal low slope roofs
QBase is the strongest off-the-shelf mechanical mount
All exposed hardware stainless steel
3 post heights offer 7", 9" and 12" clearance off the deck
Attaches to roof with 2 or 4 fasteners
All fasteners and hardware included
Mounts entire solar arrays
Secures ballasted systems from shifting
100% IBC, UBC compliant
Meets or exceeds all NRCA standards and practices
10-yr warranty; 50-yr expected life
Works with all leading racks
Great mount for solar hot water
Patents pending

Parts and Materials
Each mount kit (12 per box) includes:
Cast aluminum QBase
Two zinc-coated steel lag bolts, 5/16" x 3"
Aluminum post, 1.25" x 6.5", 8.5" or 11.5"
EPDM-bonded stainless steel sealing washer, 5/16" x 1-3/4"
Stainless steel machine bolt, 5/16" x 1"
Stainless steel fender washer, 5/16" x 1"
Stainless steel split lock washer, 5/16"
Grade-8 machine bolt, 5/16'' x 3/4''

Flashing size Flashing supplied only with Kits for built-up roofs - 17" x 17"
Pullout/shear 3934 lbs. average pullout (Douglas fir); 4365 lbs. average shear (see engineering report)
Tools needed for installation Tape measure
Chalk line
Caulking gun
Roofing-compatible flashing and related waterproofing materials
Drill with 1/4" bit
Drill or impact gun with deep 1/2" socket

Applicable roof types TPO, PVC, EPDM; built-up asphalt, bituminous and modified bitumen; virtually all other non-metal low slope roofs

Available finishes
Aluminum mill
Bronze anodized

Installation Guide
Availability: Discontinued Item