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Rheem's Most Advanced, Energy-efficient Water Heater You Can Own
Ruud air-source heat pump water heaters work much like a refrigerator in reverse. The heat pump extracts the heat from warm air, intensifies the heat with a compressor, delivers the heat to the water, and exhausts the cooler air. Because it uses the warm ambient air temperature to do most of the work, it is a very efficient way to heat water.

Federal Tax Credit Up To $1500.00
This heat pump water heater qualifies for the energy efficient building property federal tax credit of up to $1,500. The federal tax credit is limited to 30% of energy efficient building property and cost of installation through 2010, with a total limit of $1,500. Additional state and local utility incentives may also be available. Please consult with your tax advisor for eligibility requirements and amount of tax credit.

How the Ruud Heat Pump Water Heater Works
In “Energy Saver” mode, this water heater’s high efficiency heat pump operates automatically for hot water storage in this sequence:

A fan pulls air through the top air filter.
Heat in the air is absorbed by eco-friendly refrigerant inside the evaporator coil and cool (dehumidified) air is exhausted.
Refrigerant is pumped through a compressor, which increases the temperature.
Simultaneously the cooler water from the bottom of the tank is pumped to the top of the appliance, where it circulates through a patented condenser coil.
Hot refrigerant transfers its heat to the water inside the condenser coil.
Heated water is returned back to the top of the tank.
All functions are controlled simultaneously by an advanced circuit board located behind the user touch pad.
In “Normal” mode, the heat pump can run in tandem with an electric element during periods of high demand.
In “Electric Heat Only” mode, the heat pump is disabled and the appliance operates like a standard electric water heater with two elements.
Condensate drain connection.
Backup electric heating elements.


Features & Benefits
2.0 Energy Factor – Over TWICE the efficiency of standard electric water heaters
Uses heat pump technology for superb energy-efficiency
Easy-to-use LED touch pad controls the water temperature range, 3 energy efficiency settings, and overall operation
Ideal choice for new homes and for electric water heater replacements in attics, basements and garages
Installs as easily as a standard electric water heater
Standard 3/4" NPT water inlet, outlet and condensate drain connections
10-Year limited tank and parts warranty

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